Why Health Insurance is More Important Than Ever

Health insurance is now the #1 most requested benefit option by employees within the United States. It is forecasted that this request will continue to increase as time goes on. With so much instability and unsuredness in our future, people now more than ever have a heightened desire for control over their health. This not only applies to people with jobs, but the need further extends to their family, relatives, parents, and other people who are relying on their coverage to be safe from the fear of hospital bills. Without noticing, your coverage could even expire and you get no notification personally, leaving you and your dependents without insurance for who knows how long before you come to the realization.

Health is as fleeting as ever, and having coverage for it saves you from possible lifetime debts, injuries, chronic diseases, and more. With the coronavirus making its way into our life and the lives of everyone in the entire world, be protected and covered is now a human response to the outside world and uncontrollable factors. Regardless of if you are domecrat, republican, or libertarian, your political views do not alter the desire to keep yourself safe. The politics behind the bills, laws, and jurisdictions leave us feeling unprotected and high and dry for a deadly virus to take our lives and the lives of those we love. Being covered by health insurance could potentially save you and your entire family.

The reason we now see health insurance being a basic necessity for accepting a job is not only due to the coronavirus, but also because of the high payments people are receiving from unemployment without having to work at all. So are you going to accept a job that doesn’t include health insurance when you’re going to be making less than what you are making on unemployment? Chances are you’re not. Even if you are making, let’s say, $250 more/month with that job than you are on unemployment, it’s still a tough trade off. However, if you had benefits that come with the job you’ll be saving much more than that $250/month because of the potential of what that can cover and for those who are also on your plan.

If you are the owner of a company and are debating whether or not to offer benefits, the quality employees who will have loyalty to you and do their best at the job you give them are those that are also expecting a fair trade off for their time and effort. Giving them health insurance is a great way to thank them and show that you are serious about the offer they have chosen to accept.

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