Ten for Zen


Martin is co-founder of Ten for Zen (www.tenforzen.co.uk) which aims to bring Mindfulness into the lives of individuals across the UK and beyond. Ten for Zen offers low cost, Mindfulness practices, guided by Martin, in handy online courses.   

Our Steps to a Mindful Life series is ideal if you are new to Mindfulness or looking to brush up on your skills. 

  • In our Practical Guide to a Mindful life Martin Stepek brings you his most comprehensive guide yet to living a mindful life. Packed full of audio talks, expertly guided practices and written lessons, Martin will be your guide over four weeks to introduce you to Mindfulness and explore how to bring it to different areas of your life, to help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. This is a great way to learn the simple, scientifically proven techniques of Mindfulness guided by an expert in the field.

  • Managing Stress, Anxiety and Worry is a ten part Mindfulness guide for using Mindfulness to relax and let go of any worry and strains. It's also great for anyone not experiencing stress, to help you avoid the pitfalls. This audio course includes 8 expertly guided practices to help you relax and unwind.

Our Foundations for a Fulfilled Life series is ideal for anyone with a background in Mindfulness who would like to experience it in more depth, guided by one of Scotland's most authentic teachers in the subject. It is a great way to take the simple, scientifically proven techniques of Mindfulness to a new level, guided by an expert in the field. 

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