Mindful World View

I am wary of political, national and other forms of tribalism. As an ex-National Convenor of the Scottish Green Party I have personal experience of the political world and I discovered that being actively engaged in politics doesn’t suit my personality.

However twenty years of trying to be fully mindful has helped me see where I feel I can engage in the practical challenges of the world around us, covering politics, environmental issues, business and economics, and the related subjects of inequality and poverty. I can write about issues from a greater distance, from a mindful perspective that seeks not to judge and condemn, or cheer on one side at the expense of the other, but rather to try to see the big picture and encourage others to try to address the deep, very long-term root causes of much of what is tragic and destructive in our world.

One area that is very close and specific to me in this wider context is the role, joys and woes of family businesses. I have chosen to place this theme within the wider theme of Mindful World View rather than give it its own tab because family business fits very clearly into all the other subjects I listed above.

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