Bodhichitta - a vision of living a life of kindness

This tee shirt's calligraphy says in Japanese, "Homage to the Bodhisattvas".

A Bodhisattva in Buddhist culture is someone who vows to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living things.

Bodhichitta is the word for that vow.

When I studied with a Tibetan Buddhist group, from around 1989 to 2005, I heard about this vow. I translated it into secular, everyday language, as "I will try to master my mind as much as possible, not just for myself, but for everyone and everything around me" because the better I become as a person the better I'll treat people, and the more positive impact I'll have on them.

I took that vow in around 2003, even though by then I knew I would not become a Buddhist. It just made sense to me as a good way to live, a strong ethical and practical foundation from which to make decisions and respond to life's complicated ups and downs.

I was given the tee shirt at Christmas so it now serves to remind me of the vow I made!

Meanwhile, as part of this vow, I was again at Wishaw General Hospital, delivering the fourth in a series of workshops and sessions with NHS Lanarkshire staff.

They are a joy to be with, and I so admire and am

thankful for the NHS in the life of my family and our society.

I was a bit early so did a very short mindfulness practice while still in the car at the car park. Then I got out to embrace the windy weather, and enjoyed it. While there I noticed the beauty of the combination of trees silhouetted against the dusky skies and the way the street lights reflected on the still wet tarmac. So I decided to take a couple of photos to share the beauty of life even in an urban environment.

It is good to be alive if you notice you are alive!

Keep well! (Note that there's another photo below this sentence - just in case you miss it!)


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