Bringing mindfulness to all in the New Year

And so we come to the end of the first full week of the new year, a new decade. The first full week back to work for Morna and I at Ten for Zen, after the festive break.

By chance I brought mindfulness to my own community here in Hamilton and the wider Lanarkshire area (as covered in a post earlier this week), and to each of the three main organisations sectors in any country: business, public sector, and Third Sector.

We were asked to return to Heineken on Thursday afternoon, after a successful series of talks and mindfulness sessions with them in the lead up to Christmas. A lovely group of managers, interested, and up for asking deep questions at the end.

Thank you to them for entrusting us with their time and minds.

Later that same day, early evening, I travelled directly from Heineken in Edinburgh to Wishaw General Hospital where I delivered the first of a series of eight sessions for NHS staff. Such an important organisation for all of us, one to whom I owe so much in terms of my own family. The people in the room represented some of the diverse but crucial areas of expertise in health: mental health clinician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, nurses, midwives, cancer support specialist, and their management and admin supports. The sessions take place in the beautiful circular sanctuary room, which has a stunning stained glass window that was originally sited in the old Law Hospital, a few miles away. If you ever get the chance just pop in and have a look. The window is a beautiful work of art. As with Heineken, everyone attending did so voluntarily, and we had a fully engaged time together while being hopefully soothing and restful for them all after a hard day's work.

Finally, this morning I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely group at Lanarkshire Association of Mental Health for the last of our twelve sessions together. Such an open, trusting, thoughtful and intelligent group. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I hope the knowledge, skills, and deep experiences they have gleaned from our time together may now be, in turn, delivered to those they help in that great organisation.

As for me, I'm a bit tired. I find the combination of travelling, especially by car, and delivering sizeable talks and sessions pretty tiring. But this is softened by the realisation of the benefits our work brings to others. Besides, the tiredness is very temporary. Oh, and much of it can be attributed to the nocturnal complaints of our 20+ year old cat, Toto, who wakes us with mournful yowls virtually every hour through the night. Now, the weekend is upon us and there is lots to enjoy while refreshing ourselves. So have a lovely weekend, rest and recover if you've had a challenging or simply tiring weekend, and remember to notice all that is good in your life.


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