Creedence Clearwater Revival's Amazing 1969-70

The band released three albums in 1969: Bayou Country (January), Green River (August), and Willy and the Poor Boys (November). They were to release two more the following year: Cosmo’s Factory (July 1970) and Pendulum (December 1970).

All five albums are critically acclaimed, especially the three middle ones, Green River, Willy and the Poor Boys, and Cosmo’s Factory, which were also three albums in around a twelve month period.

In the UK singles charts they had four hits in 1969, including two top tens, and in the USA that same year they had six, of which four were top 5. The following year brought six more US hits, three of which were top ten.

Not only was their productivity remarkable, especially that of their main song-writer, lead vocalist John Fogerty, but the quality was astonishingly high and consistent.

In America they are still revered. Fogerty was listed as number 40 on Rolling Stone magazine’s best song-writers of all time. They had three albums in the same magazine’s Top 500 Best Albums Ever, and four songs in their Top 500 Best Songs Ever.

Here is a list of the most famous of the songs on the 1969 albums, generally regarded as classics of their time. Some you may not know by their title, but if you hear the tune you will probably remember:

· Proud Mary

· Born on the Bayou

· Bad Moon Rising

· Lodi

· Green River

· Wrote a Song for Everyone

· Down on the Corner

· Fortunate Son

· Effigy

and from 1970’s two albums:

· Who’ll Stop the Rain

· Lookin’ Out my Back Door

· Up Around the Bend

· Long as I can See the Light

· (Wish I Could) Hideaway

· Have you Ever Seen the Rain?

· Hey Tonight

· It’s Just a Thought

In my opinion every one of these songs is a timeless classic, that’s seventeen in two years.

This leaves only one remaining classic Creedence song, from their disappointing last album Mardi Gras in 1972, Someday Never Comes, a moving ballad. I just think it would be wrong to leave it out of this article.

So I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for listening to Creedence, or brought back sufficient good memories for you to delve into Spotify or You Tube and listen to some or all of the above.

Happy Listening!


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