Everything Just Is - accept it, and celebrate what is good

Updated: Jan 8

We humans re incapable of perceiving reality in its totality, especially in a single moment, which is the only time we are able to do anything.

All we perceive is, logically, bound by the limitations of our five senses, and the fleeting time of the moment.

So what we "see" and think of as reality in that moment - or in any moment - is very narrow, skewed and partial. Our mind then creates from the little it "sees" a view of what's going on and it responds to that invented / poorly interpreted view of what is real in that moment.

We do this all the time, in every moment. What the mind produces is never reality. It's nothing like reality at all, yet we can still get by using that perspective of life.

Mindfulness, truly understood, helps us break free from this shackled and false view of our own reality - usually a narrow, self-centred view - and helps us relax into the wider reality of life as it exists on this planet, including the weather systems, the sky, and everything on land and sea.

None of this is strange, mystical or "advanced". It's just seeing the world in a bigger way, and learning to enjoy it all the more.

Image: Reflections of trees on water gathered on a tarpaulin.


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