Scotland's Economy Small? (with apologies to Hugh MacDiarmid)

Scotland’s economy small? Our infinite Scotland small? Only as a cursory glance may give a cliché answer From a fool who cries ‘Nothing but whisky!’ where in a less prejudiced mind another Sitting there and resting and gazing around Sees not only the whisky and the oil But bright wind farms and berries turning scarlet or black, Behind blinding yellow fields of rape; and amongst the urban clusters Tunnocks, Walkers and Lees bake cakes and biscuits smelling sweet; And in little-known spots, Baxters appears with soup on the boil or fish, seaweed and oysters farmed in every sea loch; Salmon leaping, anglers standing patiently at fast-flowing rivers. Castles and mansions that tourists flock to see - From China, Japan, the States and Canada and European states Walking in heritage, eyes wide-open to ruins and the marvels of bridge engineering; Artists and poets and novelists vie with computer game designers for the world’s attention With our universities creating life-saving and life-enhancing medical equipment and drugs And everywhere the world wants to see our heather, hills and glens and lochsides, rain or shine. ‘Nothing but whisky!’ ̶ How marvellously prejudiced! And myopic!


© 2019 by Martin Stepek.