Some Things are Better in Black and White

Updated: Jan 2

Some images from a couple of walks I did just before New Year, around my back garden area, Strathclyde Park just before sunset, and at Chatelherault Park. It's interesting how certain images look better in black and white, others in colour, still others in that lovely vintage sepia colour.

I hope you enjoy the images. Part of mindfulness and Zen is the understanding that not only is the present moment the only time we can do life, but that there is so much to enjoy, appreciate and notice in everyday, ordinary, moments. That's what these images are for me, moments of enjoyment and beauty (in my eyes) captured for the pleasure of doing so, now shared to connect with you so we can both appreciate such life experiences.

The other thing which relates to this perspective is the idea that creating new things should be an everyday experience which we do frequently through the day. In a real sense our five senses "create" how we experience the world, and when we do ordinary things like making a meal, or having a chat, we are creating something new. This, in mindful and Zen terms, is art, and thus our entire life is artistic creation, including reshaping our own mind through mindfulness practice.

Feel free to share your own photographs in the Comments section below if it allows you to.


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