The Joy of Nature and the Seasons

So it's early February and the weather is beginning to become even more unpredictable than normal in our lovely Scotland. The sun, when it appears, now begins to radiate something approaching a bit of warmth, which we can feel on our face and hands. The air sometimes don't feel quite so bitter, and though still noticeably cold, actually adds to, rather than detracts from, the pleasure of going out for a walk.

So I've had the privilege of going out in the past few days, most enjoyably to Chatelherault twice this week just past. I decided that, unless it's just not right or feasible, to do my work meetings there, and to do the meetings while walking mindfully through the park. It's a joy always, and the subjects that have to be discussed get done more openly, calmly, and constructively, all while we gain the benefits of being surrounded by beauty, heightened sensations, and nature as a whole.

In between the meetings we frequently break off from our talks to observe - see, hear, feel - our surrounds. At some of these mindful breaks I take photographs, primarily to share with my family and friends, also to she with those who enjoy my work and my wider perspectives on life.

I'm also fortunate that my wife has worked consistently on developing our garden, and that a few years ago we decided to spend some more money than we'd normally consider appropriate, on getting our front garden professionally design along Japanese Zen lines, without making it look totally out of place on our housing estate.

So here are some more images from these various places I've been to this week, reflecting both the icy frost of one morning and the glorious sunshine of other days. It's been a beautiful week for me and I hope, for you too.


© 2019 by Martin Stepek.