What does Martin offer? 

Speaker: Martin Stepek is a compelling speaker on a variety of topics and is an ideal keynote speaker for your conference or seminar. Martin can speak with real expertise and deep personal experience in his main areas of interest: family businesses, his remarkable Polish heritage, his own varied life experience, the creative mind, the arts especially poetry, and  green and ethical contemporary issues. Martin can also speak on Mindfulness which he has practiced for almost 20 years and taught since 2004. 

Writer: Author of five published works, including poems which have inspired two classical musical works, Martin is a prolific writer praised for his clarity of thought, yet also for his ability to evoke deep emotions in his readers. He particularly enjoys writing regular columns on his favourite themes, and committing to book-length works on issues that matter most to him, as well as his poetry He would be delighted to hear from publishers and literary agents who share his interests, and from organisations who require a speaker on the creative process.

For more information please e-mail info@martinstepek.com or call 01698 427911 

Mindfulness: Martin can work with you to introduce Mindfulness, and the many benefits this can bring, into your organisation. Through seminars and online packages, Martin can explain about Mindfulness and the benefits it can bring to your mental and physical health and well-being. He will teach you the techniques of Mindfulness to guide you towards leading a Mindful life.  


For more information on Martin's Mindfulness services, please visit www.tenforzen.co.uk, email info@tenforzen.co.uk or call 01698 427911.  

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