Some much appreciated praise for Martin's work:

Martin receives regular feedback from his seminars, newsletter, audio exercises and Mindfulness classes as well as his books and public speaking. Please see below for a small selection of this:

Praise for Martin's Mindfulness in Business Seminars:

Martin's mindfulness was superb, thought provoking & inspiring... Found the mindfulness talk/exercise very useful, not only in the workplace, but in everyday life. ..Mindfulness talk from Martin Stepek, was really helpful, will take a lot from today on being less stressful...Martin Stepek’s mindfulness session was amazing it’s a total new way of thinking, words cannot describe...Martin Captured the attention of everyone in the room, impressive to say the least, really interested in learning more.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experience mindfulness today. 

Various Staff from L&H Dentalcare

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming and spending time with the housing team on Wednesday.  We all agreed it was a great experience and I will certainly make sure that we try and build some mindfulness into our day to day routines – I can’t believe how relaxed I felt after the short meditation. 

Tricia McShane, Head of Housing, Loretto Housing.

Thank you for presenting to our foster carers today. I have read their evaluation forms and all enjoyed the day, particularly your input on mindfulness. Several carers spoke with me afterwards ...they are keen to learn more to support the young people in their care.

Theresa Jones, South Lanarkshire Council.

Just wanted to say thank you very much for yesterday - the feedback from the attendees is that your part was the best bit so you certainly hit the right note with them all! They had been so noisy and excited in the workshop sessions it gave them a chance to calm down and relax.  None of them has ever done anything like that before so it was a really good experience. They all have stressful jobs so to have a 'method' of how to take time out and destress is invaluable.  

Sara Hobson, Employee Training and Development Manager, Lindum Group Ltd

Just thought I would contact you to pass on my thanks for arranging the mindfulness session at Central Health Centre yesterday.  I am going through a particularly difficult time at the moment and I found this session a fantastic help.  Please pass on my thanks to Martin Stepek for an hour of complete tranquillity and relaxation, being able to take control of your thoughts (even for just a short time !) is extremely helpful. 

NHS Lanarkshire

I went along to the mindfulness session this afternoon. Really good stuff... It's quite a liberating sense of calm.

First Independent Finance Employee

What a privilege and a great inspiration to listen to you today, Martin. You shared lessons of real and enduring value. You are clearly driven and sustained by great compassion and care for your fellow human beings in this earthly journey. Your gift is much needed in today`s world.

Elizabeth N King, Principal Psychologist, South Lanarkshire Council.

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Praise for Martin's Newsletter and Audio Practices:

I just wanted to say thank you for your article. After a lifetime of emotional ignorance & turmoil, your reflection has "switched a light on". It was so succinct

Very good timing for me as I have just experienced some health problems  Using mindfulness has helped me calm my mind, listen to my body and helped me to see the repeat patterns that may have caused this.  I can now break these patterns and let them go.

This one really hit home to me this afternoon because of the way I had been feeling over the weekend and into this morning when I had been dwelling too long on regrets.  Having read your newsletter, I now have a different perspective and feel much better.

Belinda Duncan, Policy Support Co-ordinator, Wheatley Group

Just wanted to say thanks for this article in particular. I visited the dentist today for the first time in 17 years, I have a great fear of the dentist after very bad experiences at the age of 15... your article got me in the right frame of mind and at the end of the session I told the dentist of my fear and the fact that I had not been through a dentists door for 17 years. He could not believe it and commented that I was one of the calmest patients he had in a long time.

Martin it is always a pleasure to read the newsletter and amazing how it seems, on more than one occasion, to pop in with relevant subject matter at a needed time and reminding me of the brilliance of mindfulness.

Lynn Tweedale, NHS Lanarkshire

Just to say that we are LOVING your daily practices and listen to them together as a team in the morning quite often.

Louise Chester, Managing Director, Mindfulness At Work

Your sincerity and commitment shine out. Just thought I'd tell you so.....! 

Another excellent thought provoking piece this week.

Steve Parfett, Chairman, A.G. Parfett & Sons Ltd

I have my only aunt who is dying just now in hospital ...My mindfulness practice is allowing me to be there- breathe by breathe and sitting with her quietly – sad but no struggle – accepting.

Fabulous insights, you make me think better about everything with your insights.

Isobel McCarthy, Choose Life Mental Health & Wellbeing Development Officer, South Lanarkshire Council.

Last week my Tantrum mind had control for three days. I repeatedly tried a few mindfulness exercises and I like to think that they helped to at least reduce Tantrum’s hold. The positive I took from the experience was realising just how long it has been since I last felt like that. Proof that all this mindfulness with weekly yoga and meditation is working. So thank you Martin.

Fiona Scott Thomson, Managing Director, Scottoiler Ltd

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Praise for Martin's Public Mindfulness Classes:

Thank you so much for your continued inspiration. You don't know the difference you make.Thank you so much for your continued inspiration. You don't know the difference you make.

I have been coming along to your classes in Hamilton for a few weeks now. I have found them very helpful in gaining some inner peace. Thank you for the peace it brings me.

Thank you for all that you share through mindfulness and kindness. Your communications reach us all and have a great calming effect and remind us to take that moment to respond rather than react.

I have been coming along to your classes in Hamilton for a few weeks now. I have found them very helpful in gaining some inner peace. Thank you for the peace it brings me. 

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Praise for Martin's Books:

For There is Hope. This astonishing poem... at once a monument, a meditation, a prayer and an epic. The poem is a prayer, not only for Poland but for all peoples and places in all times which have known displacement and suffering. Tender and impassioned. 

Neal Ascherson, Broadcaster, author, journalist. Winner of the Orwell Prize

Mindful Living.  book of great beauty, clarity and generosity. A manual for daily living, each page has something for us all.

Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford

Mindful Poems: of Hope and Experience. The poems... are moments of beauty and truth and stillness. They ask us to stop and listen for a moment to the perfection of the passage of time.

John Guzlowski, poet, author of Lightning and Ashes, Third Winter of War: Buchenwald, and Echoes of Tattered Tongues

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Praise for Martin's Public Talks:

Edinburgh Fringe Review. Completely, heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Stepek’s family history... through the medium of storytelling... a gift of hope in the darkest moments of human history. There isn’t a more moving and powerful ‘show’ available at this year’s Fringe... an incredibly evocative and powerful story of human kindness and cruelty... beautiful words and gentle poetry, absolute talent for bringing his family history alive and giving it wholeheartedly to his audience... Stepek drew... emotions from his audience with calm words, yet with an astounding depth of feeling... a wonderful public speaker and evocative storyteller.

Beth Cochrane www.broadwaybaby.com

As a public speaker he is second to no one I have experienced.

Kenny MacDonald Director, Turcan Connell

Excellent speaker with a fantastic story. 

Craig Vickery Head of ACCA Scotland

Martin brings passion, empathy for others, and extensive personal experience. 

Jim Mather Ex-Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism, Scottish Government

An engaging and inspiring speaker. 

Michelle McKearnon CEO, Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

He has great clarity and warmth combined with a deep knowledge and understanding of his subject.

Maire McCormack Head of Policy, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People Chair, Friends of the Earth Scotland.

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